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Why Does Cheney Keep Lying?!

Reported by Melanie - June 15, 2004 -

Yesterday (yes, YESTERDAY! Not last year, or two years ago, but YESTERDAY!), June 14, 2004, in a speech at the James Madison Institute in Florida, Dick Cheney said again, that Saddam Hussein had "long-established ties" with Al Qaeda.

COMMENT: The 9-11 Commission reported on June 17, 2004 that they found no link between Al Qaeda and Saddam. They said that while Al Qaeda did make contact with an official from Saddam's government requesting help, no one from the government followed through on responding to the request.

Is it okay with the citizens of the United States that their Vice President is this careless in what he says? Is it okay that the Vice President lie? If he's not lying, then turn over the evidence Mr. Vice President.

NOTE: This AP story was widely reported this morning. Here it is as reported in the New York Times