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The Swoosh

Reported by Deborah - June 15, 2004 -

On June 15, 2004, the swoosh technique was used generously on
Hannity & Colmes,(9PM to 10 PM ET) to keep the attacks against
the Democrats in continuous view.

The distinctive swoosh sound is heard ,on Fox, preceding a prominent
headline appearing on the lower third of the screen. Here are some
swoosh moments that Fox viewers saw on 6/15/04 while Tim Russert
and Sean Hannity discussed the patriotism of Russert's Father.

9:05 PM Robert Byrd At It Again But This Time He's Selling It
9:07 PM Mrs. Kerry Questions Bush/Cheny Patriotism
9:14 PM Theresa Talks Tough About The Top Of The Ticket
9:16 PM Clintonite Accuses Sean Of Not Being Truthful

Comment:While the viewers watched Hannity and Russert gush over the
real Americans who fought in World War II and had the right values, they
were bombarded with messages about the "others" who are not loyal to
their country because they dare to speak out and happen to be Democrats.
The message always gets through even if the sound is off.