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Words to Fit the Crime

Reported by Melanie - June 14, 2004 -

Dan Rather opens tonight's CBS Evening News reporting on Iraq saying: "Terrorists there ([in Iraq] are doing all they can to spread chaos." Rather starts to elaborate, beginning: "The terrorists....

Then, Sheila McVicar reports on the killing of foreign nationals in Saudi Arabia using the word "militants."

Then, Jim Stewart reports on "alleged terrorist" Nuradin M. Abdi, someone charged today by Attorney General John Ashcroft as planning "mall attacks."

COMMENT: Look how interchangeable the fear-mongering words are (terrorist, militants, alleged terrorist) depending on the country (as it relates to the US) in which the event occurred, and the politics surrounding the event.

NOTE: This same night, the BBC referred to the "terrorists" in Iraq as "attackers." How neutral. I suggest we try this too.