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After a Week of Reagan, no Time for Hillary

Reported by Melanie - June 14, 2004 -

I turned on my TV and saw Hillary Clinton speaking at the White House this morning at the unveiling of the portrait of Bill Clinton. Curious, I switched from CNN to Fox. Fox was not carrying the unveiling. On to MSNBC, which was.

I watched until l0:59 a.m. ET, when Ms. Clinton stopped speaking, switching back and forth among the stations. Fox didn't show even a second of it.

Another example of "fair and balanced," especially notable given the wall-to-wall coverage of all things Republican last week during events surrounding Ronald Reagan's death.

Additionally, these cable news networks follow each other like sheep when it comes to covering breaking news or live events. When one doesn't cover something the other two are covering, it almost feels like an act of defiance, which, in this case, seemed especially true.