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Oh, to Have the Media Machine Behind You!

Reported by Melanie - June 13, 2004 -

It's Sunday, June 13 and George H.W. Bush just jumped out of an airplane to celebrate his 80th birthday. CNN and Fox carried it live.

Minutes later, Fox goes live to the White House lawn where George W. Bush is kicking off the first of the summer Little League baseball games there.

Friday night on Fox, as icing on the cake that was the week of Ronald Reagan's funeral, Brit Hume moderated a show called "The Real Reagan." A panel of eight to twelve former Reagan aides, speechwriters, and son Michael Reagan gathered in a semi-circle before an audience to reminisce about how wonderful Reagan was and to draw parallels between Reagan and G.W. Bush.

Fox regularly covers any appearance by Dick Cheney, even if it doesn't particularly have anything to do with government work, (like commencement addresses) and of course carries live coverage of G.W. Bush at every opportunity.

Fox regularly and reverently refers to G.W. Bush, as they did today when he was kicking off the baseball game, as "The President of the United States." They refer to Washington, D.C. as "our nation's capital" - infusing pomp, circumstance and importance at every opportunity into all things having to do with G.W. Bush.

Meanwhile, John Kerry is almost never shown live. When Fox airs video, it's been edited such that Kerry often appears as rumpled, haggard and probably running late.

Just think what it must be like to be president and to have your own cable news network promoting you, bolstering your proposals and policies, spinning your mistakes?

No matter how much money the Democrats raise, with the machinery of Fox News, and the rest of the compliant press following closely behind, getting out any message other than the Republican message seems like a formidable mountain to climb indeed.