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Jon Stewart Was Right

Reported by Eleanor - June 12, 2004 -

The round-the-clock coverage for a solid week of Reagan when he was in his coffin was bad enough, but they're still doing it!! When I turned on the TV on Saturday, June 12 at 8:00 am ET, all three cable networks were STILL covering Reagan. He's in the ground!! Please let the man rest in peace!!

Jon Stewart said on Thursday that the eulogy will continue ad nauseum. He was absolutely correct!! For a couple of minutes at 9:55, CNN started talking about Ray Charles. I felt a great sense of relief! But guess what! Ray Charles began to sing a beautiful rendition of "America the Beautiful" and the Reagans came on the screen and stayed throughout the entire song with the host stating that Charles supported Reagan.

I predict that when Reagan has been in the ground for three days, he will be resurrected, stay around for another few weeks, or maybe until the election, Alzheimer's gone, spout Gipper wise cracks and republican truisms that will be etched into all the monuments in DC, along with his name, and then he will ascend to heaven, trailing a cloud of oil fumes behind him as if it were a cloud of glory. God, please save us from this!!! I beg you!!!