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Telling the Truth

Reported by Eleanor - June 11, 2004 -

I think the reason for the growth of right-wing media is that the real conservatives in the population need some kind of validation for their beliefs and their support for Bush at the same time. Since these two things negate each other, they need outside help to discount and overlook their own common sense.

Putting common sense on the back burner is required in order to align their thinking with what's actually happening. It feels very uncomfortable to them. Bush and his policies are not conservative, and make no logical sense whatsoever. As a result, Bush supporters cannot engage in intelligent conversations to back up their support for Bush, without the slick talking points, with the sophisticated spin, that the right wing media provides.

In reality, the far-right ideologues in control of the country are not conservative, as anyone defines it. They're radical nationalistic, wealthy fascist nut cases with a goal of destruction of government by the majority of the people, with a powerful coalition of religion and mega-multi-national corporations, and no other core interest groups really backing them. The traditional republican supporters are bewildered about how God and faith can be used to screw the little people, the common people, the old people, while at the same time trashing the environment and the Constitution. Their old mantras of low taxes and less government that help hard-working people don't work for them anymore. Slightly lower federal taxes for the middle and lower classes mean higher local taxes, higher college tuitions, higher prices, as well as lower wages, loss of jobs, war, and a massive government debt. Under the radical right, we actually have MORE government when it comes to defense, spending, and control over our daily lives and freedoms, and LESS government when it comes to what matters to ordinary people, such as education, health, welfare and the common good. That's very perplexing and hard to explain to this God fearing, very traditional conservative group. So, stepping into the void, we have the talking head spinmeisters of the highly paid right-wing media to explain it all to them; and they're willing to accept the spin and the anti-intellectual garbage, because it's done so well, and everyone is saying it, so it must be true. Right?

On the other hand, the only soapbox for thoughtful people who see the truth, call them liberal, left-wing or independent, is the Internet, books and documentaries; but as long as 80% of the people get their "news" and "information" from the right-wing popular TV, radio, and newspaper media, this information void will continue to be a very dangerous threat to democracy and free, intelligent thoughtful analysis. More and more intellectuals are feeling threatened when they speak the truth. Shades of 1930's Europe.

We, and people like us, must get these radicals out of power by putting the truth out there, whenever and wherever we can. Who else can do it, since too many democrats in power give up their right to protest when they take the money. We nominated one of them for vice-president in 2000. Not all so-called democrats are smart, committed or honest. And Kerry has yet to convince me that he fully represents me, and people like me. If he does, I still haven't seen the backbone required to tell it like it is and have people believe him. I'm willing to wait, since the alternatives are suicidal. Eleanor