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More Fodder for Clinton Haters

Reported by Melanie - June 11, 2004 -

Brit Hume anchors Fox's coverage of the Reagan funeral in Washington, D.C. (or, "our nation's capital" as Fox often says) during this Dayside w/Linda Vester time slot. At the conclusion of the service, Hume points the audience to video of Bill and Hillary Clinton taken during the service. It appears the Clintons are both looking downward, or, maybe they have their eyes closed.

Hume and Fred Barnes (of The Weekly Standard - a News Corp. (Fox's parent company) publication) spend a couple minutes criticizing, joking and laughing at the Clintons because they've decided - having not been at the service nor spoken with the Clintons themselves - that the Clintons are asleep.

COMMENT: This is one way to start an "urban legend." In this case, a conservative news outlet grabs hold of some video, they attach an interpretation to it that supports their position, they repeated over and over again, then it takes on a life of its own and people start believing it to be true.