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More on Dead Republicans

Reported by Judy - June 10, 2004 -

Jon Scott's lame attempt to link GW with the Gipper is a continuation of what Scott was doing on June 9 (see my post for that day).

Scott is dutifully following GOP talking points. Maureen Dowd's column in today's New York Times deals with the same issue, She was referring to CNN coverage of Reagan. As she put it, "Showing they haven't lost their taste for hype, some Bushies revved up the theme that Son of Bush was really Son of Reagan." She especially singled out Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz as leading the Bush in Reagan's clothing charge.

Fox also is beginning to push the line that remembering Reagan's full legacy (and not just pouring on the praise) is somehow inappropriate or in poor taste at this time. For that reason, I enjoyed Fox's juxtaposition of an advertisement for a new show on funeral homes starting this fall on A & E, which it ran at 9:52 a.m. June 10, with another hour of Reagan worship. One clip showed funeral home workers trying to manhandle a corpse into a casket. Talk about poor taste!