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It's all France's Fault

Reported by Melanie - June 10, 2004 -

Rick Folbaum, substituting on Fox News Live w/David Asman taday, goes right to Lawrence Eagleburger for a "G-8 Wrap" (the caption at the bottom of the screen) to talk about what help Bush wasn't successful in getting as a result of the meeting. Some of Eagleburger's choicer quotes: "France, which doesn't deserve all the attention it gets - are [sic] spoilers," and "those allies [France, Germany, etc.] sometimes don't recognize the wisdom of what we're doing." (Emphasis added.)

COMMENT: This "G-8 Wrap" - simplified and boiled down to essentially blaming other countries for all our (the US's) troubles, by our former Secretary of State under George H.W. Bush. Is it this simple Mr. Eagleburger? What an embarrassment! I keep asking: we wonder why they hate us.