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Talking with the Enemy

Reported by Judy - June 9, 2004 -

If you've watched Fox News for more than five minutes at any one time, you undoubedly have caught on to the idea that they think they are "fair and balanced" and the news people on all the other channels are liberal pond-scum.

Having noticed this myself, I was somewhat taken aback to see PBS's Jim Lehrer on "Fox and Friends" on June 8. At 8:45 a.m., the three co-hosts began interviewing Lehrer. At first, I thought Lehrer must have been brought on to defend the liberal slant of that commie-pinko Public Broadcasting System.

But no, Steve Doocy, E.D. Hill, and Brian Kilmede were not attacking Lehrer at all. They asked Lehrer about the times he interviewed Reagan, about Lehrer's novel "Flying Crows" and his wife's novel, "Confessions of a Bigamist," and just generally had a nice chat with the guy.

I don't get it. After all the rant about the "liberal media" in the abstract, when someone from the mainstream media shows up, the hosts pass up a chance to show their audience how different they are from him.

Maybe they were afraid Lehrer would be better at defending what HE does than they would be at defending what THEY do.