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The Set Up Artists

Reported by Deborah - June 8, 2004 -

When Ted Rall agreed to be interviewed by Hannity&Colmes,June 8,
2004,about his recent article examining the effect of Reagan's social
policies on many Americans, he made a big mistake. Undoubtedly,he
believed that he would be given a fair chance to debate the historical
significance of Reagan's decisions, but he was wrong. It was an
ambush and Rall was clearly set up, by both Hannity and Colmes.

Hannity,earlier in the show, promoted the segment with this provocative
line. "Find out what some of the hateful left are saying. It will shock you."
At 9:42 PM ET, Rall was confronted by an immediate attack by Colmes
chastising him for his lack of respect for the office of the Presidency
and his inappropriate timing.Hannity immediatly jumped in with a
violent tirade. "You are mean and thoughtless. You don't have a soul.
You hate.To do this to families who are suffering. You should be
ashamed!"There was no discussion about his article and Rall was
never given a chance for self defense or to finish a sentence.

Comment: After reading Ted Rall's article, on Ted Rall Online.com, it
is clear that there was never any intention by Hannity&Colmes to
discuss the issues that Rall expressed . Rall talks about the different
groups that were severely harmed by Reagan's cuts of social programs
that funded his beloved tax cut to the wealthiest. Rall's points are valid
and worthy of discussion. Looks like Hannity&Colmes were just looking
for an unsuspecting liberal sucker to set up. Sorry,Ted.