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BBC: "Major New Air Base" Being Built in Afghanistan all to Catch One Guy! (Call in the FEC)

Reported by Melanie - June 7, 2004 -

Leave it to a foreign newscast (today on the BBC World News) to report that the US is building a "major new airbase on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border" from which to launch missions to capture (or kill) Osama bin Laden.

Video shows cargo planes dropping pallets of building supplies from the air. The reporter says the material's being flown in from Germany. Other video shows two bulldozers in the high, arid, mountain plateau, dust rising, clearing the way for runways to be paved. Comment follows.

COMMENT: Even after the billions we've already spent in Afghanistan and Iraq in the "war on terror," we're now building a "major new airbase" to catch one person? Is this an act of extreme military/Pentagon incompetence? Do we really want our tax dollars spent on this? Is the Bush administration trying to increase it's chances of winning re-election by pouring millions of US taxpayers' dollars into a "major new airbase," in the hopes of capturing or killing Osama bin Laden? Should the Federal Election Commission (FEC) get involved in this?

Or, are we building this "major new airbase" to tighten our control over countries who posess oil?!