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Political Math

Reported by Judy - June 4, 2004 -

One perspective -- and only one -- counts on Fox News. That is the perspective of the Bush White House. Fox and Friends' host Steve Doocy demonstrated that on June 4 when the numbers for May job creation were released. At 8:46 a.m. EDT, Doocy bubbled that "the job figures came out and they should be great news for the president ... They have got to be celebrating at the White House."

The jobs report said that 248,000 jobs were created in May, more than the 216,000 which analysts had expected. Doocy went on to wonder, referring to the Kerry campaign, "how do they turn this number into bad news?"

Missing from the equation was any sort of reaction from the Kerry campaign, who might have been able to answer Doocy's question. Rather than ask the Kerry campaign what they had to say, Doocy preferred to yuk it up by himself, giving the impression that there was no possible reaction other than glee at the number.

In reality, as The AP reported, the numbers put the Bush economy back to the level of jobs in 2001, meaning Bush has still created ZERO net new jobs.

Fox viewers, however, were left in the dark about that unpleasant number.