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It's Tenet's Fault, No Matter What

Reported by Melanie - June 4, 2004 -

Dayside w/Linda Vester opens with Vester immediately going to guest Robert McNamara, former counsel to the CIA. After a short discussion, Vester reads an email. The writer asks: Did Tenet resigned because he was the one who gave the Iranian intelligence code to Chalabi? McNamara was quite incensed and said "That's nonsense!"

(COMMENT: Fox uses emails to plant outrageous allegations in the minds of their viewers. I have been suspicious whether or not what's passed off as "an email from a viewer," really is from "a viewer.")

Peter Brooks from the ultra conservative Heritage Foundation was also part of the decision. (Read on.)

Brooks said "most senior officials in the government make a commitment to stay" during an election year and that now our security might be in jeopardy because "the President needs a trusted aide" to advise him on security issues, which he won't have for months to come.

COMMENT: Translation: We and the Republicans will trash Tenet on an "as needed" basis, but in the event the "as needed" times don't occur often enough, while I'm here, I just want you to know that Tenet cut and ran on both Bush and our country, so he's the fall guy no matter what.