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Fox's Phantom Democrats

Reported by Judy - June 4, 2004 -

The budget must be tight on Fox News Live these days. Why else would host Jon Scott be going to such great lengths to save the network the cost of a phone call?

On June 4, Scott managed to present a Fox-style "fair and balanced" report by interviewing one Republican senator live in the flesh on camera and a Democratic one in phantom form.

The bizarre interviewing technique came at 9:15 a.m. EDT during a discussion of the political ramifications of George Tenet's resignation as CIA director. Scott interviewed Sen. John Sununu, R-New Hampshire, who said he took Tenet at his word that he was resigning for personal reasons.

Then Scott chimed in, noting that Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-New York, had wondered why Republicans were applauding Tenet for his service as he resigning. Schumer apparently said something to the effect that if Tenet had done such a good job, who was it that screwed up by not warning the country before 9/11 and by making up that nonsense about WMD in Iraq?

Rather than call Schumer on the phone and let him speak for himself, Scott stood in for the Democrat himself. Scott probably just didn't want to bother the busy senator.

Yeah, right.