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US Media Obsession With Scott Peterson, et al.

Reported by Eleanor - June 2, 2004 -

Taking about one-fourth of every news hour on every cable network, Scott Peterson is the story today, June 2, ditto for yesterday, and for how far into the future? "Real" news like Abu Garaib; the deaths in Iraq; the reaction of the Iraqi people to their new government; the role of the UN in the Iraqi War; a good definition of the word "sovereignty;" the status of the 14 US military bases being built in Iraq, etc. are sparsely covered, if at all, in the US media today to make room for Peterson.

Someone new to America and its media would assume that Scott Peterson is a very important person. He would know intimate details about Scott Peterson's sex life, as well as the conflicting stories about his whereabouts when his wife disappeared about 18 months ago. He would know next to nothing about some of the most critical issues in the world today, because Scott Peterson is more important and dominates the "news." That's the sad state of the national media in America, June 2004. Other "important" stories that will no doubt reappear on cue such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Martha Stewart, etc. You name it. We have lots of "famous" or "infamous" people waiting in the wings who are much more important than the stories that impact the life and death of our nation and our planet.