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Cheney Above the Law?

Reported by Eleanor - June 1, 2004 -

On Countdown MSNBC, May 31, the discussion at 8:34 a.m. ET was about the article in Time Magazine concerning the Pentagon email of Doug Feith saying that the rewarding of a multi-billion dollar contract to Halliburton, two weeks before the war started, was coordinated with the Vice-President's office.

The discussion focused on questions like, "Is the VP getting a raw deal? or "Where's the impropriety?" and "Is Cheney a victim?" or "Is this just Time's version of the truth?"

Comment: Dan Briody's answers weren't nearly as biased as the questions of the MSNBC host. The Doug Feith email message, shared with Time, proves that Cheney blatantly lied, when he denied that he had had any involvement in the awarding of Iraq contracts to Halliburton. MSNBC is acting as a surrogate for the Bush administration in muddying the import of this damning email, hoping viewers will miss the point of the Time article. That Cheney stopped any competition; therefore, illegally handing over through a no-bid contract, billions of US taxpayer dollars to his old company, from which he is currently receiving income. It appears that Cheney is above the law, if this criminal behavior goes unnoticed and unpunished.