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Military Spending

Reported by Nancy - May 30, 2004 -

Fox News reports that the US share of the bill for the war on terror is about $191 billion so far. Figures released by the White House show that since the 9/11 attacks, Congress has provided $61 billion for US military and reconstruction activity in Afghanistan, $119 billion for operations in Iraq, $10 billion for domestic military steps and $1 billion for other expenses such as rebuilding the damaged Pentagon.

The figures exclude the $25 billion Bush requested this month for next year's operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Administration officials have acknowledged that ultimately, his total request for 2005 will probably top $50 billion. So far, legislator have provided $165 billion for military action. That is in addition to the annual budget the Pentagon receives for its other costs, which have grown rapidly under Bush and this year should exceed $400 billion. The numbers exclude federal spending for domestic security, such as the new Department of Homeland Security. Such spending, which was $21 billion in 2001, hit $41 billion this year and Bush has requested $47 billion for 2005, according to a study last month by the Congressional Budget Office.

Fox, of course, failed to comment on the fact that this is costing each and every US taxpayer in excess of $4,000 (so far) -- which pretty much blows away any tax "cut" most people got.