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Vester: Capitalism Works!

Reported by Melanie - May 26, 2004 -

In a discussion today on Dayside w/Linda Vester, Vester speaks with Peter Brink of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Jeff Davis, a Vermont real estate developer, about the Trust's warning that Vermont is on the historical "endangered" list due to a potential invasion of big box Wal-Mart stores. The Trust says the Wal-Mart "invasion" could destroy the small-town business culture there and the qualities that draw people to the Vermont lifestyle. Vester says: "Part of what made this country great is capitalism. Capitalism works!"

(COMMENT: In Vester's mind, that's it! But, that's the point. Capitalism... sprawl; a cheap and exploited labor pool (our fellow citizens); tax laws which squeeze the poor and excuse the rich and the corporations; environmental pollution; the elimination of pensions; minimal health care benefits....)