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Fox on Journalistic Standards

Reported by Melanie - May 26, 2004 -

Asman opens Fox News Live w/David Asman today by saying: "New terror threats will effect your summer plans." (Emphasis added.)

Eric Burns of "Fox News Watch" comes on to discuss
the New York Times' piece published today called "The Times and Iraq."

In the article, the Times discusses the ways in which it was careless and unprofessional in its unquestioned use of information, and its reliance on certain disreputable sources, in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion. Summing it all up, Burns says: "The New York Times is apologizing for being insufficiently anti-Bush." (Emphasis added.)

Burns goes on to say "this is basic journalistic stuff," and that "you qualify information...you don't state it as fact." Burns then reminds the viewer of Jason Blair and concludes by saying "The Times is just keeping a long string in the news."

Fox News has no business talking to anybody about journalistic standards. Theirs are as low as they go.