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Pavlov Dogs

Reported by Eleanor - May 25, 2004 -

On Wolf Blitzer Reports on CNN at 4:40 p.m. ET on May 25, Blitzer interviews Carl Bernstein concerning Bernstein's belief that the republicans should question Bush on his Iraq policies, especially the prison abuse scandal, and not just go along like "Pavlov dogs."

Bernstein goes so far as to say that Bush's actions in Iraq go against the Constitution, and "most republicans just go along with ill conceived war policies." Blitzer frequently interrupts Bernstein and discounts his statements to such an extent, it appears that Blitzer's entire purpose is to discredit Bernstein, rather than to let him present his ideas. Blitzer states bluntly that if Bernstein is not saying the president should be impeached, why not leave it up to the voters to decide? Blitzer stops the interview when Bernstein tries to quote George Will, a stanch republican who supports his position.