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Hang the Neocons

Reported by Eleanor - May 25, 2004 -

Chris Matthews on MSNBC Hardball on May 25 at 6:00 p.m.ET interviews Gen. Anthony Zinnin about who is responsible for the War on Iraq. The most telling aspect of this interview is the total lack of responsibility they place on President Bush.

Matthews and Zinnin blame the war and the conduct of the war on Wolowitz, Perle, Cambone, and Rumsfeld in particular, but nothing is blamed on Bush, Cheney or Ashcroft.

Comment: I wonder why they're being so selective? Al Gore is making a speech tomorrow asking for the resignations of five of Bush's team. The republicans, undoubtedly, are trying to get ahead of the democrats, the fallout from the prisoner scandal, and the alarming drop in the polls by planting the seed that the neocon heads can be sacrificed, while the President, the Vice President and the Attorney General should keep theirs.