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Media Sin of Omission

Reported by Eleanor - May 21, 2004 -

C-SPAN, on May 21, 2004 at 11:55 EST, was televising a congressional hearing with Gen. Myers on the hot seat. A question was asked about the recent harvesting of a huge poppy crop in Afghanistan, and why was it allowed to be harvested and sold. Gen. Myers responded that the poppy crop was under the control of the British, and the crop "came in early."

Myers was then pressed by the democratic representative from Ohio saying that since the poppy crop provides the heroin that funds al Queda, why didn't the US know that the crop was coming in early? The corn growers in Ohio know when the corn crop is coming in early!

Gen. Myers responds again that drugs in Afghanistan are the responsibility of the British, and "We're very busy with a lot of other responsibilities there." The republican chairman stops this line of questioning by stating that it will be covered in another session.

Comment: Since al Queda is our primary enemy, and they are responsible for 9/11, why would we be so incompetent as to let a bumper crop of heroin leave the country, or why allow it to be planted in the first place, since it's the primary source of funds for al Queda's activities that kill Americans? If we're leaving something so critical as this to the British, what other life or death issues are we "delegating" to others? Earlier in the session, a republican congressman criticized Nancy Pelosi for calling Bush "incompetent" and "inexperienced." This heroin crop incident proves that her comments are right on the mark. Nancy‘s comment about Bush is the biggest story of the day, but I'll bet Gen. Myers admission of America's gross incompetence surrounding Afghanistan's poppy crop won't even make the news on the major networks.